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AWEI Witnessed Spring HKTDC in 2015 Deduct Innovative and fashionable Earphone Style

2015 Spring HKTDC was already finished. HKTDC as the most popular and authoritative big consumer Exhibition attract thousand of buyers and purchase companies, so to speak this is a big party of global new products in the spring. AWEI, as one of the top brand of smart earphones at home and abroad showed newest products and attracted many buyers. Moreover, our independent research brand--ipipoo also met people together with AWEI and displayed many series of new-designed products to all people all around the world in order to show out our outstanding music sound, innovative design and advanced manufacture ability.

Brand Display Hall

AWEI still keep innovative spirit to design many new products and is popular around many people.

2015, this year is a new beginning for AWE. And product varieties will increase a lot and also to decide to open a fashion, innovative smart devices market by combining with smart wearable products with earphones.

Like: AWEI XL998 is a type of sport earphone which can test heart-beat rate and digest calories.AWEI XL998 is a type of sport earphone which can test heart-beat rate and digest calories. Many people was attracted by this type of earphone and give great praise to it. More wearable smart devices, please pay attention to your AWEI Brand news.

With the development and updating of AWEI market, AWEI will pay more attention to combining with modeling and innovation operation mode to create more good earphone products to improve customer experience.